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 "I enjoy being a part of [ASCIT] so I can keep up with existing and emerging
   technologies that assist those in need. And it's fun to see how those assistive
   technologies might be used in different ways by everyone. [ASCIT] also helps
   make that technology, along with simple, everyday necessities, available to
   those who don't have ready access to it. It's a great organization."

   Ken DeBerry, Director of Education Production

SC State Agencies who are active ASCIT members:

  • Commission for the Blind
  • School for the Deaf and the Blind
  • SC Bar
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Natural Resources
  • South Carolina State Library
  • Assistive Technology Program
  • Department of Health and Environmental Control
  • University of South Carolina, School of Education
  • University of South Carolina, Student Disability Services
  • University of South Carolina, School of Library and Information Science
  • University of South Carolina, Center for Excellence
  • Able South Carolina
  • Clemson University
  • Midlands Technical College
  • Winthrop University

ASCIT Committees

Communications Committee: Website, Electronic Communication, and Social Media
Co-Chairs: Katie Simmons and Janet Jendron
Members: Will McCain, CB Averitt, Dow Hammond, David Bundy, Nathalie Alexander, Bradley Crain

State Standards/Best Practices Review Committee
Janet Jendron
Members: Matt Polkowsky, CB Averitt, Natalie Denning, Cheryl Kirkpatrick, Katie Simmons, Valarie Byrd, David Dawson, Clayton Copeland, Robbie Kopp, George Kennedy

Sustainability Committee
Chair: Robin Wheeler

Members: Tina Vires, Clayton Copeland, Natalie Denning, Cheryl Kirkpatrick, Janet Jendron, David Dawson, Penny Twitty, Bradley Crain, Robbie Kopp, Cindy Coker

Bylaws Ad-hoc Subcommittee
Chair: Bradley Crain
Members: Robin Wheeler, Janet Jendron, David Dawson, Robbie Kopp, Cindy Coker

Training/Education Committee
Interim Chairs: Matt Polkowsky and Valarie Byrd
Members: Janet Jendron, Cindy Coker, CB Averitt, Aisha Haynes, Clayton Copeland, Val Gioia, Nathalie Alexander, Devin Hensen, Susan Quinn, Madalina Tudora

Web Testers Future Committee
Robin Wheeler
Members: Natalie Denning, Clayton Copeland, Sharon Bellwood, Matt Polkowsky, David Dawson, Aisha Haynes