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Upcoming Training Sessions

ATAC facilitates a number of trainings around the state. Our target audience includes web designers, IT personnel, content writers, and anyone who is interested in making Electronic Information Technology (EIT) more accessible.

Contact ATAC if you'd like to present a training and demonstration to your staff or at a meeting or conference. 

Document Accessibility for Teachers and Everyone!
(Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe PDFs)

Date: Thursday, November 20, 2014
Time: 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm

  • In Person:
    Charter Schools
    3710 Landmark Drive, Suite 201
    Columbia, SC 29204
  • Via Webinar

Matt Polkowsky
Assistant Webmaster
SC Department of Natural Resources

Description: Review of the basics of creating accessible documents using Microsoft Office programs Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Accessibility issues common to each of these programs, as well as unique situations for each one. Training is interactive; you can work on documents on your own computer as you listen to the speaker. This information is useful for anyone who works in Word, Excel or PowerPoint, not just Information Technology professionals. While the emphasis will be on PCs, it is useful for both PC and MAC users.

NOTE: Participants are advised to have access to the trial versions (Full versions preferred) of Microsoft Office (at least 2010 version) Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as Adobe Acrobat Professional (at least version 10/X).  If you do have these programs available to you, documents will be sent to you upon your registration confirmation so that you will be able to follow along with the presenter in his discussion of making these types of documents accessible.

We will cover:

  • Images and Alternative Text
  • Hyperlinks, Lists
  • Tables and Charts
  • Layout using Styles and Formatting
  • Slide Layouts
  • Use of Outline and Notes Panels
  • How PDF documents are affected by accessible design principles

Register to attend the Accessible Documents training in person or via webinar

Web Developer Technical Training: Basic and Intermediate Web Design for Accessibility and Usability

Date: Friday, November 21, 2014
Time: 9:30 am - 2:30 pm (lunch break from 11:30 to 12:30)

  • In Person:
    Charter Schools
    3710 Landmark Drive, Suite 201
    Columbia, SC 29204
  • Via Webinar

CB Averitt
Senior Consultant
DeQue Systems

Description: Focus on the requirements WCAG 2.0 AA Success Criterion, as we look ahead to the Section 508 refresh. This training is ideal for web development teams.

The training will include:

  • A quick review of disabilities. 
  • A high-level view of Section 508 and WCAG. 
  • A quick review of the list of all 38 WCAG 2.0 AA Success Criterion.
  • How to assess doing a combination of automated assessments, manual assessments and assessments using assistive technology.
  • Examples of code that violates and fails.
  • Examples of correct code
  • Examples of code that satisfies WCAG.
  • Assessing corrected code using the same techniques used above.

Specifics included:

  • Coding Tables
  • Form Elements
  • alt text for images (new techniques)
  • Language of Page and Language of parts
  • Lists
  • Headings
  • Name, Role, Value
  • Keyboard
  • Bypass Blocks
  • Focus Visible

Register to attend the Web Developer training in person or via webinar


Resources from Previous Trainings

12/3/13 - Creating Accessible Documents for JAWS or MAGic Users Webinar

12/5/13 - Legal Considerations for Web and Information Technology Accessibility

Outside Trainings

On-line Training Sources

Free RESNA Webinar - Monday, November 17 at 3pm EST
Chrome Apps and Extensions to Support Struggling Learners - Going Google!

Many schools are discovering the use of the free Chrome Browser, and free apps and extensions in the Chrome browser to support education and learning. How do you support your struggling students? This webinar will present several apps and extensions to support literacy and executive function, and they are free to download right in the Chrome web store. If your students are using laptops (Mac or PC), Chromebooks, or a tablet, Chrome apps and extensions can support them on their device in the classroom and at home.

Registration and more information is at:

ADA National Network Audio Conference Series

The ADA National Network is pleased to announce the upcoming ADA Audio Conference Series Session titled "ADA Case Law Update" featuring Barry Taylor and Rachel Weisberg, Attorneys with Equip for Equality, Illinois Protection and Advocacy Agency. This session will focus on what the courts and federal agencies have done to shape the ADA through their decisions and settlements. This session will review key issues that are currently before the courts and analyze the trends. Discussion will include some of the trends in case law at the lower courts which may have an impact on decisions at all levels, including issues that may find their way to the Supreme Court.

This session is scheduled for 2-3:30pm ET on Tuesday, November 18, 2014. Registration is available at

This program can be accessed via toll free telephone (Charge applies) and/or via webinar platform (Free of charge). The session is closed captioned via the webinar platform.

Questions regarding registration and/or the content of the session should be directed to 877-232-1990 (V/TTY) or by email at webinars@ada-audio.orga

AT Coalition Trainings

The Accessible Technology Coalition offers free webinar trainings. Check back here for postings of any relevant topics.

AbleNet University

AbleNet offers a number of free webinars with topics ranging from AT in the classroom to an extensive series covering Quality Indicators of Assistive Technology (QIAT).

Check the AbleNet University webinar schedule to see what's available and register.

ATAC at Winthrop

 Winthrop group

ATAC recently taught a grad school class at Winthrop University.
Left to right: Lisa Harris, Winthrop instructor, Janet Jendron, ATAC, Clay Jeffcoat,
SC School for the Deaf and the Blind, Brianna Murray, Winthrop student

ATAC at the 2013 SUCCEEDS Conference


Back, left to right: Lisa Lanpher, Columbia International University, Janet Jendron, SCATP, Tina Vires, Limestone College, Sharon Bellwood, Greenville Tech. Front, left to right: Cheryl Kirkpatrick, Midlands Tech, David Bundy, SC Commission for the Blind