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ASCIT's 2020 Digital Accessibility Conference

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"Accessibility: The New Normal" August 4th Virtual Conference

This is the year to sharpen your inclusive design skills and share the importance of digital accessibility with others.

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has moved much of our face-to-face and collaborative interactions to the digital world. Because of this, it is becoming more and more apparent that equal access to goods, services, and the ability to engage with others doesn't fully exist yet in the digital world. Put another way, as many as 1.2 million South Carolinians (about 16 University of South Carolina football stadiums) with disabilities may find it difficult or impossible to buy your goods, read your blogs, watch your videos, purchase your services, as well as use your interfaces to create and share. If living online is to be the new normal for a while, let's make sure that accessibility is a part of that new normal.

To learn how you can begin integrating accessibility in your design processes, participate in Access South Carolina Information Technology's (ASCIT) first annual conference on Digital Accessibility. This inaugural event will be 100% online due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19.

Together, let's ramp up accessibility!

Conference Overview

Our leadership is excited to produce this full day conference that shares skills, tools, and strategies for participants to use to make their digital content more accessible. Sessions will include breakouts on accessible design, a panel discussion, and a keynote to help drive home the importance of digital accessibility.

Thanks to all who attended!


Conference Agenda

See the table below for the Agenda or view this PDF for the Agenda and Session Details.

Conference Agenda
Time Session Main Room Break Out Room
9:30 am Welcome Welcome None
9:35 am Open Opening Plenary None
10:00 am Breakout Universal Design for Learning:
Clayton Copeland
Effective Accessible Communication:
Jawana Latimer
11:00 am Breakout Building Accessible Word and PowerPoint Documents:
Lydia Freeman Hutto
Basics & Background - Testing Digital Accessibility:
Marsha Schwanke
11:50 am Lunch break Lunch Break None
12:15 pm Lunch Panel Lunch with Panel of Assistive Technology Users:
David Bundy
David Jones and
Cali Sandel
1:00 pm Breakout Accessibility Features in Virtual Platforms:
Madalina Tudora
Penny Esterley
Accessible Social Media:
Sarah Nichols
2:00 pm Breakout Writing Readable Content:
Aneesha Johnson
Kimberly Tissot
Procuring an Accessibility Procurement Process:
David Dawson and
Michelle Tuten
3:00 pm Panel Accessible Virtual Programming As The Only Programming Plenary Panel:
Dr. Clayton Copeland, Ph.D.
Caroline Smith
Penny Esterley
Savannah Gignac
Jen Taggart
Kristin White
3:50 pm Send Off Send Off None