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"I enjoy being a part of [ASCIT] so I can keep up with existing and emerging technologies that assist those in need. And it's fun to see how those assistive technologies might be used in different ways by everyone. [ASCIT] also helps make that technology, along with simple, everyday necessities, available to those who don't have ready access to it. It's a great organization."
Ken DeBerry, Director of Education Production


Our goals are focused on the accessibility of electronic and information technology in South Carolina, and are outlined as follows:

  • Provide leadership in offering education, training and networking opportunities for agencies, education institutions, consumers, and other public/private entities
  • Communicate information about ASCIT and other activities and resources via the website, e-newsletter, and social media in an accessible format
  • Develop and implement a plan for sustaining ASCIT's Web Testers Program
  • Ensure sustainability of ASCIT and its programs

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