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One of ASCIT's goals is to provide education on accessible digital design. While we accomplish this through the provision of information on our website and on our social media channels, we also endeavor to provide education through presentations at various conferences and events. Please come see us, and don't hesitate to say "Hi."

Woman blowing her noseCaution: Due to Coronavirus, The Following Events May Be Canceled Or Moved Suddenly

We probably will be unable to stay on top of cancellation and relocation information, so our apologies if the information becomes obsolete.

If you are able to attend any of these events and would like to continue conversations with presenters, you may want to consider scheduling a virtual followup meeting instead of attempting to get coffee or lunch together. 

Please be safe out there and follow recommended prevention guidelines. You can visit the CDC's website for more information on the virus. 



OLC Innovate 2020 logoOLC Innovate
(June 15 -26, Online)

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[OLC recently changed the dates and location of this conference. The new dates for the specific sessions below are not yet announced.]

Serving Adults At A Distance: Unpacking The 60 Year Curriculum - Continuous Learning Do's And Don'ts

  • Presenter: Sherri Restauri
  • Details: The modern learner is no longer the traditional, residential student. In fact, demographics and other recently published research tracking global trends suggests significant changes over the next 10-20 years in the educational arenas from K-20+. There is no longer a “traditional student”, but many campuses have yet to adjust to a changing norm. Many universities have already begun to see enrollments dip, some for the first time in many years. The face of education and of our students who seek education is changing, and we have to keep pace or lose out on opportunities to serve. Current and upcoming trends relating to micro-credentialing and non-traditional educational pathways and models such as the 60 year curriculum are proliferating and building fast--let’s dive into each of these together to learn more, and to walk away from Innovate with some new ideas to implement in your own courses and programs, departments, colleges, campuses, and beyond.

OLC Research Summit: Research Is For Everyone!

  • Co-Presenter: Sherri Restauri
  • Details: Research forms the foundation of practice across the online learning landscape - but who does this research, how are topics and trends determined, and how does it impact theory and/or practice in the diverse range of higher education professionals that work in online education?  We often think of research as a formal investigation and publication process completed by faculty and/or dedicated researchers. While this empirical work is certainly one (very important!) way to define research, the study of online education is unique in that there are broad opportunities to contribute to knowledge and practice in the field (which is the very purpose of research).  Not only can research take various forms, many of us are engaged in some form of research without realizing it (and without realizing how we can use it to impact the field).

Creator Or Curator? An OER Decision-Making Strategy For Content Development In Online And Blended Courses

  • Co-Presenter: Sherri Restauri
  • Details: This presentation will engage participants in mapping key criteria that faculty can apply when deciding whether to create vs. curate content for online and blended courses, following a framework for OER course/programmatic development established by the presenters in a collaborative exercise and yielding a personalized take-away for immediate adoption.

Innovation, Collaboration, And Advocacy: Strategies And Lessons Learned From Faculty Professional Development On Blended Learning

  • Co-Presenter: Sherri Restauri
  • Details: With exponential increases in blended learning in higher education, many of us face the challenge of supporting faculty in design and facilitation of blended courses for student success. Join us for a conversation about strategies and lessons learned from faculty professional development on blended learning through innovation, collaboration, and advocacy.   

OER Implementation Like A Boss: Placing Our Students Back In Front Of Educational Policies

  • Presenter: Sherri Restauri
  • Details: The last 2 years we’ve seen metrics focused on unsuccessful student progression in their college careers, alongside enrollment drops, student drop-outs and stop-outs, and DFW rates of growing concern to 2- and 4-year institutions alike. Within the last 20 years, the evolution of openly available and low-cost, high-quality resources has evolved into a force capable of changing the entire landscape of education. But capability does not map out best practices, project the expected hurdles, nor present structured models for success. Join me in this session to learn about the changes to the OER landscape, and the exciting benefits to full-scale roll-out of OER to your course, department, college, or even campus and help to shape the new educational landscape into a digital space accessible to every learner. 

ASCIT logoASCIT's Digital Accessibility Conference
"Accessibility: The New Normal"
(August 4th, 2020)

See Event Details

This is the year to sharpen your inclusive design skills and share the importance of digital accessibility with others. 

To learn how you can begin integrating accessibility in your design processes, participate in Access South Carolina Information Technology's (ASCIT) first annual conference on Digital Accessibility. This inaugural event will be 100% online due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19.

No More Events At This Time

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