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Corporate Accessibility Resources

Adobe Accessibility

Allows visitors to find information on the accessibility options in specific Adobe products, as well as Adobe’s general accessibility compliance. Also has case studies, examples of Adobe products being used for accessibility, and a link to the Adobe Reader page which has the Adobe Reade Screen Reader User’s Guide.

Apple Accessibility

Offers information on the accessibility features built into Apple software and hardware. Also provides a link to a resources page with a list of mac-focused accessibility webpages and third-party solutions.

IBM Accessibility Center

The site provides numerous resources for those interested in IBM’s efforts in improving accessibility in the IT industry. There is also the AbilityLab, which has developed several pieces of software designed to enhance communication for those with visual and audible impairments.

Microsoft Accessibility

Provides information on accessibility features for Windows 7, Office, and Internet Explorer. Also offers tutorials on using these features.

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