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Website Accessibility Questionnaire

Is Your Website Accessible and Usable? Ask Yourself the Following Questions

  1. Do the title and tagged headers give an accurate picture of the purpose of the page? Explanation
  2. When CSS is disabled or unsupported, does the page´s structure allow for an understandable reading order? Explanation
  3. Does the site provide you with the option to skip repetitive navigation links? Is the "skip nav" or "skip to main content" located in the best place? Explanation
  4. Do images have appropriate alternative text? Is the alternate text easy to understand and meaningful to you? Explanation
  5. If the pages contain video content or a link to video content, is a description (information about actions, characters, scene changes, etc.) of the video provided, either synced with the video or in a transcript? Please identify the page and specific video(s). Explanation
  6. Does the page rely on color alone to convey important information? Explanation
  7. Is there sufficient color contrast used on the page so that you are able to read the information? Explanation
  8. Could you use the browser to control the font size? Explanation
  9. Are link texts meaningful out of context? Explanation
  10. If the page includes data tables, do they include tagged headers? Explanation
  11. Is a table used for page layout? If so, does the content read in an understandable, logical order? Explanation
  12. If the page has content elements that are created by scripts, are these scripts accessible? Can the user interact with the content (e.g. keyboard access)? Explanation
  13. If the page includes links to files or content that requires plugins, does the page provide a link to an accessible plugin? Explanation
  14. If the page includes an electronic form, including a search box, are you able to fill out the form successfully? (Can you search for something and get results?) Explanation
  15. If you are unable to submit the form successfully, does the website contain an error message that enables you to correct your mistake?
  16. If the form on the page is not accessible to you, is there an alternative offered to you (e.g. address, phone number, email contact)?

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